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Young Adult Wellbeing

Our Young Adult Wellbeing programme is truly unique.


Here at Lync Kids we understand that moving from school or college into work or further education can be a daunting time. This comes with it's own challenges, not only in terms of different expectations and how to manage them but also in terms of looking after ones wellbeing.


Lync Kids Young Adult Wellbeing programme targets 16+ year olds and gives these young adults the knowledge and skill set to continue to look after their health and wellbeing when given more independence.

We have a two pronged approach to Young Adult Wellbeing: How we help them now; How we help them in the future.

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How We Help

Lync Kids work with School 6th Forms, Colleges and Universities to tackle the wellbeing issues faced by young adults at that present time and to help them prepare for and manage the challenges which may lie ahead in the future.

We do this by providing a number of services and support around the four pillars of wellbeing; Physical Wellbeing, Mental Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing.

Services can include:

  • Wellbeing Assessments

  • Mental Wellbeing Screening

  • Nutrition Guidance / Cooking

  • Mindfulness

  • Exercise

  • Wellbeing Support Guides

  • Workshops (Managing Time, Dealing with Stress, Managing Finances, Social Media, Moving into Work, How to manage Exams, Nutrition, Body Image etc)

Challenges Young Adults Face

  • Lack of employment opportunities

  • Money

  • Failure to succeed in education system

  • Pressures of 24 hr social networking

  • Family problems

  • Negative stereotyping

  • Issues related to body image

  • Fewer physical activity opportunities

  • Poor diet / nutrition

  • Lack of affordable housing (to rent & buy)

  • Pressures of materialism

  • Substance Abuse

Benefits of Young Adult Wellbeing

  • School / College shows duty of care to pupils now and in for the future

  • Better Exam Results

  • Encourage more students to join the 6th Form / College

  • Improve Ofsted Ratings

  • External Support can help messages hit home

  • Helps students with Social integration when moving on

  • Improves teachers' ability to interact with students, teach concepts, face challenges, and avoid burnout.

Get in touch to see how Lync Kids can Support your Young Adults

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