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Birthday Games

Birthday Parties

Our fun and energetic indoor and outdoor UK sport-specific birthday parties are a great way to celebrate your child’s day and we promise to make it a day to remember.


We know how stressful children’s parties can be, so why not let us take control and plan all your activities.

Our entertaining themes include Football, Basketball, Dance, Rugby and Multi-Sport and our coaches are highly flexible and skilled at tailoring a birthday party to a particular theme or to a child’s favourite activities.


We allow you to build your package which can vary from a basic package where we just provide the activities to all-inclusive parties that include trophies, kits, and gift bags.

All children attending receive certificates regardless of your package.

Pricing & Set-up

Please contact us for our latest prices and to check availability.

We recommend a school, village / sports hall or any large outdoor area as a venue. 

If you need help in finding a venue then please get in touch as our coaches will be able to recommend suitable places.

Do you want to book a party for your little one?

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